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Preview: Love is Love

Love is Love

Phil Jimenez, Cat Staggs, Steve Orlando, Dennis Cowen, Paul Dini, Ming Doyle, Brian Michael Bendis, Emma Vicelli, Ed Luce, Kieron Gillen, Jay Edidin, and many MANY MORE! (contributors) • Elsa Charretier (c)

The comic book industry comes together to honor those killed in Orlando this year. From IDW Publishing, with assistance from DC Entertainment, this oversize comic contains moving and heartfelt material from some of the greatest talents in comics – – mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today’s world.

All material has been kindly donated, from the creative to the production, with ALL PROCEEDS going to the victims, survivors and their families via EQUALITY FLORIDA.

Be a part of an historic comics event! It doesn’t matter who you love. All that matters is that you love.

FC • 144 pages • $9.99



Kate Leth and Megan Levens’ New Magic Series Casts a Spell at Dark Horse

Dark Horse has announced a new original comic series, Spell on Wheels, written by Kate Leth with illustrations by Megan Levens and a beautiful cover created by Ming Doyle.

Spell on Wheels: Night of the Wand follows the adventure of three talented witches —Andy, Claire and Jolene — as they embark on a road trip to retrieve their stolen magical objects. The three witches must work together to retrieve their possessions, but are they strong enough to defeat the dark magical force behind the thievery?

The first issue of Spell on Wheels: Night of the Wand goes on sale October 19, 2016, with four subsequent issues published monthly.

Megan Levens and Kate Leth will attend the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. The Spell on Wheels creative team will host a signing on July 23, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. at the Dark Horse booth.

Spell on Wheels Night of the Wand

Review: Cirque American: Girl Over Paris #1 (of 4)

Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1 (of 4) CoverFrom bestselling writer Gwenda Bond, this four-issue comic book series, written by Kate Leth features a new stand-alone story set within the world of Bond’s exotic, magical Cirque American. After a high-profile tumble, Cirque American’s star wire walker, Jules Maroni, has a lot to prove-and her invitation to an exclusive exhibition in Paris looks to be just the opportunity to put her back on top. Unfortunately, the City of Lights glitters with distractions, including the presence of her first serious boyfriend and a mysterious figure haunting the venue.

I couldn’t tell you one thing about Bond’s Cirque American world. It’s a book series that I’m unfamiliar with but a comic written by Kate Leth and with art by Ming Doyle is something I take notice and had to check out.

Reading through this first issue, the comic definitely isn’t geared towards me and my personal tastes, but that didn’t stop me from recognizing what is an excellent “YA” comic that’s unique and stands out from the spandex masses. The story is an interesting one, setting up a mystery that feels a bit Scooby Doo in a way.

The story has Jules Maroni heading to Paris for an exhibition plagued with doubt and nerves over her ability and a weird ghost like figuring haunting her there. If at the end a mask is taken off and the ghost is really the park owner, I wouldn’t be surprised, but that familiarity is something I enjoyed. The concept of a young circus performer in Paris isn’t something that’d normally hook me, but the mystery is. The comic has a lot of different aspects that people can latch on to whether it’s relating to Jules, the ghost, romance, or even the circus. That’s due to Leth’s excellent writing and her ability to create relatable characters in unrelatable situations (though how many of as kids “hunted ghosts”?).

Doyle’s art is amazing as expected and her brings a fun air about it all. The detail is wonderful and there’s some solid perspective use considering the comic is about the circus and a high wire act. Each character is distinctive and stands out with unique details that really stand out (a scar for example). I have no idea how these characters compare to previous works, but it all looked good for me. The art really brings out the overwhelming surroundings that Maroni is in, especially in Paris and I as a reader had a sense of that visually.

While the original material is squarely in the young adult market, this comic is enjoyable by far more than fanse of the genre. I enjoyed it while generally avoiding all YA prose material. For me, it feels a bit Scooby Doo, a bit Nancy Drew, and a bit The Devil Wears Prada. This is a girl in Paris overwhelmed by her surroundings with a mix of mystery and it has me wanting to come back for more.

Story: Gwenda Bond, Kate Leth Art: Ming Doyle
Story: 7.8 Art: 8.1 Overall: 7.9 Recommendation: Read

Preview: Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #2


WRITER: Alan Martin
ARTIST: Brett Parson
Cover A: Brett Parson
Cover B: Ming Doyle
Cover C: Rob Davis
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Jun 15

Perhaps it’s too much booze that’s got our swill-swigging hero seeing double, or maybe there really is a doppelganger on the scene? Whatever the case, it’s time for Tank Girl to solve the case of her pilfered Panzer!


Marvel Announces Tsum Tsum Takeover Variants

The Marvel Tsum Tsums are invading the Marvel Universe this fall in their very own comic series – Marvel Tsum Tsum #1. But that’s just the beginning! These cuddly creatures are also making their way to your favorite Marvel titles this August for a series of 20 special Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover Variants!

The stackable sensations that are sweeping the globe are taking over the covers of your favorite Marvel titles throughout the month of August. Rendered by the biggest artists in the industry – including Ed McGuinness, Sara Pichelli, Chris Samnee and many more –  these pint-sized piles of fur are sharing the spotlight with Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains!

Don’t miss these exciting Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover Variants coming to twenty of your favorite Marvel titles in August:

  • All-New Wolverine #11 by Jake Parker
  • All-New, All-Different Avengers #13 by Kris Anka
  • Amazing Spider-Man #16 by Chris Samnee
  • Black Panther #5 by Sara Pichelli
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers #5 by Helen Chen
  • Daredevil #10 by Ed McGuinness
  • Deadpool #17 by Javier Rodriguez
  • Doctor Strange #11 by Ryan Stegman
  • Extraordinary X-Men #13 by Dave Johnson
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #11 by J. Scott Campbell
  • Invincible Iron Man #12 by Brandon Peterson
  • The Mighty Thor #10 by Natacha Bustos
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #10 by Joelle Jones
  • Ms. Marvel #10 by Tradd Moore
  • Old Man Logan #10 by Mike Deodato
  • Power Man and Iron Fist #7 by Ming Doyle
  • Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8 by Brian Kesinger
  • The Unbelievable Gwenpool #5 by Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Uncanny Avengers #12 by Jeff Dekal
  • Uncanny Inhumans #13 by Giuseppe Camuncoli

No fan can afford to miss out on these exciting variant covers featuring their favorite Marvel Tsum Tsums!

Preview: Imperium #15


Cover A by KHARI EVANS (FEB161911)
Cover B by ROBERT GILL (FEB161912)
Variant Cover by MING DOYLE (FEB161913)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ |On sale APRIL 27 (FOC – 4/4/16)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale APRIL 27

Desperate times for Toyo Harada as “STORMBREAK” rages on!

Harada’s vision to save the world faces catastrophic failure as the Foundation Zone finds itself squeezed between the armies of the world. Now, at his weakest point, the allied forces led by Livewire and H.A.R.D. Corps’ Major Charlie Palmer conspire to hit him hard and fast on every front. But with Harada’s team of monsters starting to turn on each other, does this super-powered mastermind stand any chance of winning the fight?

New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier) and Harvey Award-nominated artist Khari Evans (HARBINGER) push the clock one minute closer to midnight for the most dangerous man in the Valiant Universe!


Preview: Vampirella Vol. 3 #1

Vampirella Vol. 3 #1

writer: Kate Leth
artist: Eman Casallos
covers: Chrissie Zullo (a), Jay Anacleto (b) (connects with January’s Red Sonja #1 and February’s Dejah Thoris #1!), Tula Lotay (c)
subscription cover: Tony Fleecs (d) (connects with January’s Red Sonja #1 and February’s Dejah Thoris #1!)
incentive covers: Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Vampirella takes Hollywood in this new adventure of the classic demon-hunting, monster-slaying, thrill-seeking vampire queen. When her stately manor is attacked, she begins to unravel a plot as old as the silver screen, discovering what monsters really lurk in the shadows of the City of Angels. Writer Kate Leth (Adventure Time, Edward Scissorhands, Hellcat) says, “Can Vampirella be both a cult icon on the rise and take down an empire of ghouls and ghosts? Signs point to: Hell, yes!”


Preview: Dejah Thoris #1

Dejah Thoris #1

writer: Frank J. Barbiere
artist: Francesco Manna
covers: NEN (a), Jay Anacleto (b) (connects with January’s Red Sonja #1 and the upcoming Vampirella #1!), Tula Lotay (c)
subscription cover: Tony Fleecs (d) (connects with January’s Red Sonja #1 and the upcoming Vampirella #1!)
incentive covers: Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris as you’ve never seen her before! A shocking conspiracy unravels in Helium as Dejah’s father has gone missing. In the wake of assuming the throne, Dejah learns secret information from her past that will have resounding effects on the kingdom – and her life! Join Frank J. Barbiere (The Howling Commandos of SHIELD, The Precinct) and Francesco Manna (Vampirella #100) as Dejah discovers a secret past that will have her leaving Helium for an all-new adventure on her own!


Preview: Red Sonja Vol. 3 #1

Red Sonja Vol. 3 #1

writer: Marguerite Bennett
artist: Aneke
covers: Marguerite Sauvage (a), Jay Anacleto (b) (connects with the upcoming Vampirella #1 and Dejah Thoris #1!), Tula Lotay (c)
subscription cover: Tony Fleecs (d) (connects with the upcoming Vampirella #1 and Dejah Thoris #1!)
incentive covers: Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Through the plains of Hyrkania, a message sweeps through the scattered peoples of the nation. Bells ring, horns blow, voices shout – the King is dying! Red Sonja rides to save the King from his doom as the powers of Hyboria crowd around to strike when the kingdom is weakest. But a dread new power rises from within Hyrkania’s own borders, bent on defending its homeland – no matter the cost, no matter what its people become. A defining chapter of the Red Sonja saga – dark, clever, vicious, and funny – as the She-Devil with a Sword must stop the rise of a brutal new regime… her own people!


Preview: The Eighth Seal #2 (of 5)

The Eighth Seal #2 (of 5)

James Tynion IV (w) • Jeremy Rock (a) • Ming Doyle (c)

A horrific conspiracy has lurked at the back of American government for hundreds of years, and it seems First Lady Amelia Cole is caught in the conspirators’ machinations. What do her visions have to do with the terrifying secret of the Eighth Seal?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


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