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Red State Gets Homophobic Over Archie

Archie Kevin KellerWe’ve praised Archie Comics for moving their stories into the modern age by not only introducing a gay character in Kevin Keller, but also Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and now gay marriage.  The series, which for many reflects a pollyanaish older time has mixed modern politics into their plotlines which hasn’t made all folks happy.

At the conservative blog The Red State, Skip Chatterson takes on gays and gay marriage in his article “Gay Marriage…In Comic Books.”  Right away Chatterson makes it clear where he stands by claiming comics are for kids and not supposed to be used as a “as a social experiment.”  I’m not quite sure what’s experimental about reflecting modern times, but I wonder if Chatterson had issues when the first African American characters began to grace comic pages.  That “social experiment” worked out pretty well I think and today the lack of a diversity in characters makes bigger news than anything.  Chatterson overlooks comics from the very beginning were political in nature.  Early newspaper strips were commentary on social class, Captain America advocated for the entry into World War II a year before Pearl Harbor and the popular series X-Men has been a long allegory about racism and tolerance.

It’s pretty clear right away that Chatterson has a problem with gays in general citing the false rumor that the new “Ultimate” Spider-Man would be gay.  Instead he’s half latino and half African American.

Chatterson has issues with the comic indoctrinating children to accept gay marriage (as opposed to accept all people I suppose), but what bothers Chatterson is that Archie’s Keller falls in love with his doctor:

This is about the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationships.  It is highly unethical for a doctor to get involved with his patients.  To portray such activity, in a well known comic, is to be complacent and to promote such unethical activities from doctors of all stripes as though it is normal.

While there’s some point to that, it’s a bit unprofessional in a way, but I wonder if Chatterson would have issues if the two individuals were straight.  Numerous media has depicted patient/doctor relationships and I haven’t seen Chatterson speak up about those.

Of course it’s the “liberals” fault as to the spread of equality throughout the country.  And we all know the fact that gays getting married causes straight couples to get divorced (sarcasm people).  I mean Newt Gingrich’s numerous divorces all occurred after gays could get married, err… guess not.

But Chatterson decides to get a bit homophobic and shows his true intolerance:

This may hurt a bit in the butt, but it is no surprise however that the ACLU only stands for liberal (more likely communist) beliefs.


I would expect the Liza Menelli crowd will gobble this up.

Double entendre much?  Here’s a tip Chatterson, when trying to make a point, stick to the facts.  Those type of jokes only solidifies your small mindedness.

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