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GrayHaven Comics Announces 2013 Plans

GrayHaven Comics has seen success over the last year with their anthology series The Gathering.  They’ve announced the opening of submissions for their 2013 books.  Submissions for this round include: The Gathering: True Ghost Stories, The Gathering: Crime, The Gathering: Pulp Heroes, Tales from the Abyss #1 and #2, Hey Kids: Fairy Tales, Hey Kids: Super Heroes and the Erotica one shot.

They also announced the launch of two series.  Hey Kids keeps with their desire to put out content for younger readers.  A new horror ongoing called Tales from the Abyss is also on tap.

To find out about the submission process, head to GrayHaven’s website.

They’ve also launched a new Kickstarter project to fund their upcoming projects and you can get some solid comics at any level.