2011 Comic Book Movie Winners and Losers

2011 was a decent year for comic book movies.  The majority were decent, but there are none that go down in my mind as “classics.”  Below is a breakdown as to which were this year’s winners and losers.  All data is from BoxOfficeMojo.  Keep in mind, The Adventures of Tintin is currently still running in theaters and only recently came out in the United States.

Top 5 Domestic Gross for 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger$176,654,505
X-Men: First Class$146,408,305
Green Lantern$116,601,172
Cowboys & Aliens$100,240,551

Top 5 International Gross

The Adventures of Tintin$239,100,000
X-Men: First Class$207,215,819
Captain America: The First Avenger$191,953,858
The Green Hornet$129,037,206

Top 5 Total Gross

Captain America: The First Avenger$368,608,363
X-Men: First Class$353,624,124
The Adventures of Tintin$263,207,000
The Green Hornet$227,817,248

Gross vs. Budget – worldwide gross compared to budget

Captain America: The First Avenger2.63
X-Men: First Class2.21
The Green Hornet1.90

Global Legs – worldwide gross versus domestic opening

The Adventures of Tintin27.12
The Green Hornet6.80
X-Men: First Class6.42
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night6.14

Domestic Legs – domestic gross versus domestic opening

The Green Hornet2.95
Cowboys & Aliens2.75
Captain America: The First Avenger2.72
X-Men: First Class2.66

As requested here’s the Rotten Tomatoes current score versus the worldwide gross

NameAll CriticsTop CriticsAudienceWorldwide
X-Men: First Class87%70%88%$353,624,124
The Adventures of Tintin75%67%80%$263,207,000
Captain America: The First Avenger79%78%75%$368,608,363
Cowboys & Aliens44%51%49%$174,822,325
Green Lantern27%18%48%$219,851,172
The Green Hornet44%21%47%$227,817,248
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night6%0%28%$4,634,062