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Preview – Wordgirl: The Incredible Shrinking Allowance


Written by Chris Karwowski, Anita Serwacki
Drawn by Steve Young, Andy Price
SC, 128pgs, FC, SRP: $7.99
ISBN13: 9781608866793
Diamond Code: SEP110917

Word up! KABOOM! proudly brings you all-new adventures of WordGirl — based on the Emmy Award-winning animated children’s show of the same name. Join WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face as they fight for truth, justice and use of the right word! When Tobey’s allowance runs dry, the young inventor has only one terrifying option to finance his horde of destructive robots — to get a job! Will WordGirl have what it takes to pummel these cybernetic perils once they have a payroll? Find out in this all new vocabulary-filled volume!