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Preview – Darkwing Duck: Campaign Carnage Vol. 4


Written by Ian Brill
Drawn by James Silvani
SC, 144pgs, FC, SRP: $16.99
ISBN: 9781608866434
Diamond Code: AUG110927

The Duck Knight has returned, he’s solved the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, and he’s withstood the F.O.W.L. Disposition. With all these Darkwing epics in the bag, will the purple powerhouse of peace be able to deal with Campaign Carnage? It’s a super-powered stampede as waves and waves of brand new baddies pop up all over St. Canard, in the midst of a mayoral race you have to see to believe! How many more meta human menaces are gonna show up to crash Darkwing’s political party? You’ll have to read this volume to find out! Special Bonus Material: includes the DARKWING DUCK ANNUAL featuring a story by DARKWING DUCK creator Tad Stones himself!