Pick of the Week – Cold War #1

I’ve only had a little bit to flip through the preview of Cold War #1 I received, but it’s John Byrne doing a spy noir comic set during the Cold War.  Yes please!  The premise sounds cool, I love these types of comics, it’s absolutely a must read for me.

  • Cold War #1 – see above
  • Batman #2 – Scott Snyder knocked it out of the park with the first issue, here’s hoping the second holds up.
  • Marzi – An original graphic novel published by Vertigo covering a young girl’s life growing up in Communist Poland.
  • Transformers #28 – This series has kicked it up and kicking ass.
  • Indie books – Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #2, The Pack #1, Darkwing Duck #17, Key of Z #1, it’s a solid week for indie books and something for everyone.
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