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Th3rd World Studios Unleashes The Pack this Halloween

The Pack CoverTh3rd World Studios releases The Pack – Volume 1, a thrilling graphic novel written by NY Times Bestselling Author, Mike Raicht. Best known for The Stuff of Legend and most recently, his sell-out sci-fi series, Wild Blue Yonder. Raicht combines a reverence for John Hughes movies and classic werewolf lore to craft this thrilling murder mystery with stunning artwork by Daniel Faccilongo.

This is my attempt to combine my love of movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and the Howling (which I watched at much too young an age) with the classic teen angst movies like Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. Our artist, Daniel Faccilongo and the guys at Th3rd World have done an amazing and creepy job of channeling that era. I hope this gives everyone the feeling I had as a kid, secretly watching those horror movies on low volume in my living room so my mom wouldn’t catch me.

Perfect for fans of MTV’s Teen Wolf and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, this intense thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as the town wrestles with the murder of local high school football star, Brian Foster. Clearly everyone loved the local high school star football player, Greg Jordan, the new kid in town has his suspicions. But perhaps the question shouldn’t be who killed Brian Foster, but what? If the high school drama of The Breakfast Club mixed with the intense werewolf action of new horror-dramas is something you crave, hunt down this book by the light of the full moon this October!

The Pack – Volume 1 collection is available in August Previews (order code AUG131448) for $16.99, released just in time for the Halloween season.

You can check out a preview at the Th3rd World Studios website.

Review – The Pack #1

The Pack #1It’s interesting The Pack #1 comes to the shelves around the same time that Teen Wolf is seeing resurgence.  The two are similar in that they involve werewolves and kids in high school, but the type of storytelling is so far apart.

The Pack begins with an attack and death of a mother, setting it’s darker tone right away.  This isn’t some campy tween story, it’s much darker in a good way.  We follow two families picking up the pieces of their lives, both suffering the loss of the mother in the home.  The Jordan’s have also moved to a new town starting a new life after their loss.  The focus might be on teens, but it’s about their adjustment and living after tragedy.  Greg Jordan isn’t accepted by the football team who looks at him as upsetting their winning dynamic.  Greg’s sister fairs a little better in her new surroundings.  Greg also attempts to reach out to David, the other teen who recently lost his mother.

Other than the beginning of the comic, the whole werewolf aspect of the story is ignored.  Clearly some of the characters we’re introduced to are in fact lycanthropes.  The question is, which ones? We’re given more of a mystery to work with here and everything isn’t laid out for the reader in the first issue.  And it works because of that.  That’s part of what sucked me in.

Add on solid art work to an entertaining story and you’ve got a comic book series I look forward to reading more of.

Writer: Mike Raicht Art: Daniel Faccilongo Publisher: Th3rd World Studios

Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Th3rd World Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Pick of the Week – Cold War #1

I’ve only had a little bit to flip through the preview of Cold War #1 I received, but it’s John Byrne doing a spy noir comic set during the Cold War.  Yes please!  The premise sounds cool, I love these types of comics, it’s absolutely a must read for me.

  • Cold War #1 – see above
  • Batman #2 – Scott Snyder knocked it out of the park with the first issue, here’s hoping the second holds up.
  • Marzi – An original graphic novel published by Vertigo covering a young girl’s life growing up in Communist Poland.
  • Transformers #28 – This series has kicked it up and kicking ass.
  • Indie books – Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #2, The Pack #1, Darkwing Duck #17, Key of Z #1, it’s a solid week for indie books and something for everyone.