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Around the Tubes

Yesterday new comics came out, what looked interesting?  What did you pick up?  While you think about that, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

MSN.com – Graphic novel offers child’s-eye view of communismI’m reading this now, it’s very good so far.

Comics Alliance – Lego’s Upcoming Batcave Adds ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ And ’60s TV Show ElementsDidn’t they already have a Batcave set?

Kotaku – Batman: Arkham City’s Weird “Bitch” Fixation – Where’s the outrage!?

Con Coverage:

Examiner – New York Comic Con 2011 Report: The Best Of The Rest of The News!

CBR – NYCC: Marvel Television Has Big Plans

MTV Geek – Find Out What’s Next For The X-Men With Our NYCC Panel Recap!

CBLDF – CBLDF Raises Over $12,500 at NYCC!

Kotaku – New York Comic-Con In Three Minutes

Around the Tubes Reviews:

ICv2 – MetaMaus

Pick of the Week – Cold War #1

I’ve only had a little bit to flip through the preview of Cold War #1 I received, but it’s John Byrne doing a spy noir comic set during the Cold War.  Yes please!  The premise sounds cool, I love these types of comics, it’s absolutely a must read for me.

  • Cold War #1 – see above
  • Batman #2 – Scott Snyder knocked it out of the park with the first issue, here’s hoping the second holds up.
  • Marzi – An original graphic novel published by Vertigo covering a young girl’s life growing up in Communist Poland.
  • Transformers #28 – This series has kicked it up and kicking ass.
  • Indie books – Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #2, The Pack #1, Darkwing Duck #17, Key of Z #1, it’s a solid week for indie books and something for everyone.