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Around the Tubes

Did you hear we have a radio show tonight?  We’ve also got a special guest.  A Mr. Ron Marz.  You might have read his comics like Witchblade, Artifacts or this week’s release Voodoo.  So, tune in tonight and join in the conversation on Twitter and make sure to call in.  Until then, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – IDW Replaces British Doctor Who Writer With An AmericanCongrats Joshua, maybe I’ll finally give the Doctor a try.

Bleeding Cool – All Crisis Events Removed From DC ContinuityWay to make me feel like more of an ass for buying Final Crisis.

The New York Times – So Far, Sales for New DC Comics Are Super – 1) How long until sales plummet, 2) Nice to see the MSM notice, 3) Doesn’t this just encourage horrible habits, like deaths…

Around the Tubes Reviews:

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