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Pick of the Week – DMZ #68

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Brian Wood’s amazing look at modern war is winding down, but DMZ hasn’t slowed down in it’s brilliant look at the world.  This is an allegory that asks pertinent questions and raises points that should lead to water cooler discussion.  It’s easily one of the most important pieces of work in the last decade, one that deserves a bigger spotlight.

  • DMZ #68 – see above
  • The Walking Dead #88 – Robert Kirkman has not only been upping the tension, but also the heart strings as the survivors must deal with the ramifications of the latest zombie attack.
  • Captain America #2 – The first issue was amazing, there’s no reason to think the second won’t be just as entertaining.
  • Darkwing Duck #15 – A perfect example of a comic book that captures the fun and entertainment of the cartoon series it’s based off of.  All ages fun.
  • Freakshow #3 – A mix of super heroes and horror, this series is well worth checking out, for some great art and a pretty original concept.
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