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$52,000 Comic Book Stolen In Rockingham County

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Iron Man #32Rockingham County, North Carolina deputies are investigating a robbery that involved the theft of a comic worth a reported $52,000.  The robbery occurred after midnight this past Thursday.  Victims told deputies that three suspects entered the home through an unlocked front door, armed with a rifle and two pistols.

A portable safe containing comic books was taken from the home.  The pile of comics included a copy of Iron Man #32 of which they claim is valued at $52,000.  In addition, the suspects reportedly took a wallet with $750 inside and a laptop computer worth $900.

Even if the comic book was the first volume of Iron Man which started in 1966 a copy of issue 32 with a 9.4 grading is only worth $30 according to Comics Price Guide.  Seems pretty fishy to me.