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Fans Protest DC’s Barbara Gordon Plans

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While DC‘s post Flashpoint reboot/relaunch plans have been interesting and so far the only thing that’s bothered me is the plan to return Barabara Gordon as Batgirl, even in the capable hands of writer Gail Simone.  The reason this hasn’t set right is that Barbara Gordon is currently in a wheelchair and goes by the name Oracle.  Instead it looks like in this reboot/relaunch she’ll be getting back the ability to walk.  In general a slap in the face to those with a disability.

Fans have taken up the cause with a Tumblr blog called Oracle Create-a-Thon.  Comics Alliance succinctly puts it as a website dedicated to “fan art, fanfiction and activism to maintain awareness of the physically challenged and to make the feelings of Oracle fans known to DC Comics.”

Created by Yamino (aka Elena Barbarich), the blog encourages fans to speak up with artwork, photos, essays, whatever.  Expect a petition in 3…2…1…