Pick of the Week – Echoes #5

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The pick of this week is Echoes #5.  It’s the final issue of this limited series and if you haven’t been reading this thriller you’ve been missing out.  The five issue series is beyond fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s an early contender for limited series of the year and I really hope we see more comic like this.

  1. Echoes #5 – See above.
  2. Osborn #5 – This series is full of just some twisted stuff and great political intrigue.  I have no idea how they’ll wrap up the plot points in this issue.
  3. Velocity #4 – It seems like forever since the third issue which ended in a holy shit moment.  I have no idea what to expect now.
  4. “X” Books – Age of X is wrapping up and Schism is on the horizon.  Now’s the time to start getting back into the “X” line of books.
  5. Freakshow #2 – There’s a good chance you missed the first issue, but it was fantastic.  We’ll soon have a review of this second issue which I’m sure is as solid as the first.