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Pick of the Week – Aaron and Ahmed

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I first saw an ad for Aaron and Ahmed in the back of a DC Vertigo title and immediately wanted to read it.  The graphic novel takes a look at the cause of terrorism.  I’m sure the graphic novel will ruffle some feathers all around, and that’s exactly what literature needs to do, make you think and question.  This is an absolute read.

  1. Aaron and Ahmed – See above.
  2. Ultimate Comics Captain America #4 – This series has been amazing as we meet the Captain America of Vietnam and are asked to question what we know.
  3. Fear Itself #1 – It’s Marvel’s major event.  The prelude didn’t overall impress me, but here’s hoping the series itself is solid.
  4. Chew #18 – One of the best comic series on the market.  Fun, funny and beyond entertaining.
  5. Image debuts – Nonplayer #1, Green Wake #1 Blue Estate #1 and a few other quality releases of already debuted series makes a solid week for Image Comics.
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