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C2e2 is over and Sunday brought some news from Marvel.  We got a look of some of the new creative teams and some new series.  Below is a wrap up of the latest news as well as our special C2e2 section.

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Sunday ComicsWaste some of your Monday morning checking out some web comics.

Rabble – Women at the forefront of the graphic novel revolution!You go girl.

Bleeding Cool – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Dark Knight Rises Role Revealed – Well this is interesting.

Comicvine – WWTCC: More cosplay photos!These get me want to head to Toronto Fan Expo even more.

C2e2 Coverage:

Newsrama – Rucka Returns to Marvel with ‘Back to Basics’ PUNISHER

Bleeding Cool – “I’ll Have A Hawkman Turkey Panini” – That Was C2E2 That Was

Bleeding Cool – Greg Baldino Wraps Up C2E2

Bleeding Cool – Greg Pak Off Hulk, David Liss And Patrick Zircher On Mystery Men, Rob Williams And Rebekah Isaacs On Iron Age, Kyle Higgins And Manuel Garcia On Supreme Power And Brian Bendis Has Left The Building

Bleeding Cool – Garth Ennis To Write Nick Fury MAX Series With Goran Parlov

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Nick Spencer

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Dennis Calero

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Scott Snyder Part 1 (American Vampire)

Comicvine – C2E2 2011: Gail Simone

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Blogomatic 3000 – Greek Street Vol.2 – Cassandra Complex

Bookin Las Vegas – Andrew’s Graphic Novel Picks