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Around the Tubes

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Lots of news out there.  The week is kicking up as comic fans focus on C2E2 and all of the announcements that’ll be made there.  We’ll be wrapping up all of the news coming out of the show.  Here’s all the news that others saw fit to print.

Around the Tubes:

Movie Web – Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Hellbenders – Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this graphic novel.

Screen Rant – ‘The Sandman’ TV Series Has Stalled In Development – Television is the new hot medium for comic books it’d seem. Counting down to over saturation in 3…2….1…

14 WFIE – Boy, 12, selling his comics at FL stores – Well at least the bad economy hasn’t hit the youngest among us. But I have to say I’m impressed. My comics sucked when I was his age.

Examiner – ‘Buffy’ Season 8 comic books nominated for Eagle Award – Whedon is over rated. There, I said it. Deal.

Kotaku – The Joker And Harley Quinn Run Wild In The Batman: Arkham City Comic Series – Can’t wait for this video game. The comic tie-in, not so much.

Comics Alliance – J.H. Williams III Talks ‘Batwoman’ Delay, Unveils New Cover Art – Of course when I get into the character and series, it gets delayed.

CBLDF – Betsy Gomez Joins CBLDF As Web Editor! – Congrats Betsy!

Bleeding Cool – Comics Are Cheaper Than Gas – It’s a tough race on this one.

Bleeding Cool – Best Copy Of First Appearance Of Wolverine In Incredible Hulk 181 Goes For $150,000 – Found more change in my couch.

Arts Beat – Curtain Down, Heads Up: Advice on How to Fix ‘Spider-Man’ – How about, invent a time machine, tell your past self to save their money and time.

Geekweek – Edgar Wright Was Offered An Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD – It’d be interesting, but I want Ant Man!

Arts Beat – Effects Coordinator Cleared in Death of ‘Dark Knight’ Cameraman – Nothing snarky to say for this one.