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Review – Takio

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TAKIO CoverTakio is Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming‘s creator owned kids graphic novel published by Marvel under it’s Icon label.  The first in what I’d imagine will be a multiple graphic novels is an entertaining read, perfect for kids and adults to both enjoy.

When two sisters from a multiracial, adoptive family drive one another to the brink of insanity, is there anything that can bring them together? Well after a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime accident gives them real-life superpowers; the world’s first superheroes will be closer than ever! Perfect for comic fans of any age, Takio brings together Bendis’ acclaimed trademark dialog with Oeming’s fan-favorite art style for an action packed adventure like no other!

With Bendis writing you know there’ll be fast back and forth and humorous dialogue and here you have a kiddie version of a Tarantino or Kevin Smith movie.  The writing is funny and does a good job setting up the personalities of it’s main characters.  There’s fun back and forth that fits the age of the two main girls and there’s enough there that makes you accept these are children you’re reading about.

Oeming’s art is fantastic as well with a feel of a Pixar film.  The enthusiasm on the written page matches the enthusiasm shown through the art.  It’s a great combination for the book.

This is a fantastic first outing, great for kids and adults and for a great price as well.  This is a perfect comic that parents can feel good about sharing and reading with their children.

Plot: This is Bendis doing The Incredibles minus the parents.  Two kids, one of which is over the top hyper are given powers and must decide what to do with them.  It’s cute and a great start to a series.  There’s a lot there for both parents and kids, including a few spots that got me to laugh.  Rating: 8.5

Art: Oeming’s art is fantastic and the enthusiasm that Bendis writes is shown in the art.  It’s an interesting style that fits the Pixar type story that this is.  It’s great art, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else this duo can do.  Rating: 8.5

Overall: A graphic novel for both kids and adults is a great thing.  There’s such enthusiasm in the writing and art that makes it a fun read that I’d love to see more of through graphic novels or animation.  This is a great family book and an absolute buy.  Overall rating: 8.5

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 92 pages    Price: $9.95     Release: Out Now

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