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Around the Tubes

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All kinds of comic book related news is flying around the tubes.  We can’t cover everything, but doesn’t mean we can’t link to others.

Around the Blogs:

The Comics Chronicle – February 2011 comics sales: A rebound, a record low, and a pricing retreat – We’re not experts in sales numbers, luckily other sites are.

Icv2 – Publishers to Borders: ‘We Want Our Books Back’ – I’d hope they’d get their books back if they’re not paid for them.

Comics Alliance – 11 of the Most Hilariously Unlicensed Pieces of Bootleg Super-Hero Merchandise – How come I never find this crap when I look for it? What are dollar stores worth, if not purchasing things like this?

Bleeding Cool – Spider-Man Shocker: Highest Graded Copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 Goes For $1.1 Million – Yeah, we had some change in our couch we felt like spending.

The Daily Cartoonist – Terry Laban launches new online graphic novel – A mystic story taking place in Siberia? Ok then!

First Comic News – Casper the Friendly Ghost returning to comic books – Do we finally get to find out if he’s the ghost of Richie Rich and when’s the eventual X-Files crossover?

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