Review – Earp: Saints For Sinners #1

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Earp Saints for Sinners #1Hmm, there’s tons I like in Earp: Saints For Sinners #1, but the familiar issue with today’s art cropped up, at times I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on.  Written by M. Zachary Sherman and Matt Cirulnick the story is a very cool update to the story of Wyatt Earp.

In a world where the American economy has all but collapsed to the levels of the Great Depression, infamous bandits roam the country and the law is as corrupt as the criminals its sworn to stop. Yet one lawman remains a steadfast moral compass for the people: WYATT EARP. Earp has collared more most-wanted men than anyone in history – but after a violent assignment claims the life of his brother, Wyatt sets out to forge a simple life in the only boomtown left: Las Vegas. With gorgeous women and free-flowing money on endless tap, Sin City attracts more people than a modern gold rush. Though Earp no longer wears a U.S. Marshall’s badge, his past is about to catch up to him.  With nearly everything to lose, Earp will have to beat the odds stacked against him in order to bring old-fashioned justice to Sin City.

The story isn’t what I have an issue with, it’s the art.  Many of the characters look too similar, and at times the coloring is so dark, I can’t tell what’s going on.  It seems to be a common issue with Radical comics, and I wonder if they’re just not made for digital reading (I read digital previews on an iPad).

The series has already been optioned for the big screen and it’ll absolutely rock in that medium, visually though, it just makes me cringe a bit.  Too dark seems to be a common issue today with digital comics and with that becoming a more common way to read, it’s hard not to worry what the future holds.

Overall though, the story is solid and entertaining.  The art though, is what makes me put on the breaks a bit from being overly enthusiastic.

Plot: The story is fantastic, but pretty much is Tombstone if you’ve seen it.  It’s updated though in a country and world whose economy has collapsed.  Robbery is a normal act with crime running rampant and private forces protecting those who can pay them.  The story is familiar, but entertaining and should be cool when it makes it to the big screen.  Rating: 8

Art: The art is where I have the issue.  A lot of the characters, especially the Earps look too similar.  Also the coloring is dark at times which makes it difficult to tell who is who and what’s going on.  But, overall I like the design, even with those issues.  Rating: 7

Overall: The story is solid, the art is muddled, it’s a tough one to come to a conclusion on.  I’d definitely check it out on the shelves and make a decision for yourself, but I can’t quite enthusiastically recommend it, as much as I want to.  Overall rating: 7.5

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 62 pages    Price: $5.99     Release: Out Now

Radical Publishing provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.