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David Hine Talks Muslim Batman

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Batman and Robin on MuslimsWriter David Hine talked with the BBC World Service over the controversy surrounding his use of an Algerian Frenchman for a Batman, Inc. recruit.  This interview was in response to the uproar of the introduction of the character Nightrunner.

When asked if he was part of indoctrination:

Well not only have I not been indoctrinated, I have no intention of indoctrining anyone else. What we’re doing is writing a series of stories about Batman going worldwide . It’s becoming a global franchise, so we’re going to have a Batman in France, we’re going to have a Batman in Argentina, in Africa. It was my task to come up with a story set in Paris. and I wanted something new, something a little bit different…

On whether this is political correctness run amok:

I’m not sure whther political correctness is supposed to be good or bad, I don’t even think about it, I mean, I’m writing a story that entertains, that I want the characters  to be engaging and interesting, and if there are political elements, obviously, there are going to be political elements come into a story but that’s not what we’re setting out to do.

I must say having seen these bloggers who I think are based in America, the reaction has been  stunning, overwhelming from both American and French fans, and it’s been quite, I’ve been very pleased with the reaction and people are loving the character, irritated by this comments.

We have our own interview with Hine coming down the pipeline

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