Review – Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater

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Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet TheaterHow many ways can I describe how awesome this graphic novel?  Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater is actually the second volume in the series.  It’s just awesome.  Written by Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen with art by Higgins, the story is exactly what the name implies, Pinocchio versus vampires.

More lies! More vampires! More… puppets! Pinocchio is back, but now he has to share the vampire-killing stage with his wooden siblings. The stakes are raised in this sequel to the acclaimed 2009 graphic novel, as Pinocchio unravels the mystery of the undead menace and his own shadowy background. But will turmoil within the band of slayers spoil their efforts as they battle the bloodsuckers across Italy and even at sea in this darkly funny take on the classic character?

This is wooden puppets running around killing vampires.  So entertaining, so much fun, and so off the wall.  You can easily dismiss it as another example of the mash-up fad of taking a classic tale and adding vampires and zombies, but this one is executed so well.

There’s great action, fantastic humor and everyone is a unique personality.  The story keeps you on your toes and you never quite know where it’s going to go in a good way.  It’s exactly what you want in this type of graphic novel, action, humor and fun.

This is an absolute buy.  I was so entertained, I’m counting down the days until the third volume.

Plot: Jensen and Higgins put together an entertaining story full of humor and action.  Every character is unique and fun and you actually get pulled into what’s going on.  They may be wooden puppets but rarely do you find such any characters in flesh and bone.  Rating: 9

Art: Higgins does double duty by also providing the art for the series.  It’s black and white with a fantastic style to it.  There’s some good use of panels that really keeps the flow going.  Each of the characters are really detailed and unique making the work even more impressive.  Rating: 8.5

Overall: Comics should be fun and this graphic novel sticks to that idea.  While it might be another mash-up entry it’s one of the more entertaining ones that kept me interested and entertained enough that I’m reading the first volume and can’t wait for the third.  A definite buy.  Overall rating: 8.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 176 pages    Price: $14.95     Release: Out Now

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  • I know the artist personally. He busted his ass on this thing and it’s good. If you are into comics, you should pick this book up.