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The Police Will Punish You, Well Like the Punisher

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Punisher SkullNot only are every day joes being inspired by superheroes to take on crime a gang of police officers seem to be inspired by Marvel comics’ The Punisher.  These rouge officers known as “the Punishers” are being investigated and that was before their beating of Frank Jude Jr.

Interestingly enough though after numerous investigations, the results and findings about these officers kept disappearing or no evidence turned up.  According to one officer:

I directed the Professional Performance Division in 2008 to conduct a thorough investigation. PPD interviewed a number of officers, they reviewed the complaint file and could find no evidence that such an organized group ever existed nor is there any record of citizen complaints to any local or federal authority regarding the activities alleged.

This is a group who had some members sporting tattoos of the character, and wore black gloves and black knit caps with the Punisher emblem on them.  Nope, hard to figure out something’s going on I guess.

The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal has more on the story.

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