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Dark Nights: Death Metal: Trinity Crisis #1

It’s new comic book day! What are you all planning on getting? What are you excited to read? Lets us know in the comments below. While you wait for shops to open, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

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A St. Louis Police Union Rallies Around the Punisher Logo to Show Support for Cops Under Investigation

An investigation is underway by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police department regarding officers who published “concerning” images and statements on social media. A police union has asked its members to post the “blue lives Punisher logo” to show support for those officers.

The Punisher logo has been embraced by law enforcement as a symbol of “the war against those who hate law enforcement” according to Ed Clark, the president of the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association.

Clark seems to ignore the fact the Punisher is a vigilante who works outside of law enforcement and unlike police officers tries not to kill innocent individuals. In the comics, the character is a vet whose family is killed by the mob for witnessing a crime. He then seeks revenge in a one man war against crime.

The St. Louis Police Police Chief John Hayden released a memo that indicates he has a better understanding of the character. In it, he states the logo “does not coincide” with the department’s “mission to protect life and property and achieve a peaceful society.”

A project cross-referenced police officers with their social media posts uncovering racist and anti-Muslim posts implicating 22 officers. The city’s chief prosecutor has added those officers to a list the officer won’t take cases from.

The Punisher’s creator Gerry Conway has spoken out on the subject:

Whether you think the Punisher is justified or not, whether you admire his code of ethics, he is an outlaw. Police should not be embracing a criminal as their symbol.

The Punisher himself addressed the issue in a recent comic:

Marvel has been silent over the use of their intellectual property.

Punisher Logo with “Blue Lives Matter” Gets Removed from Police Cars

The Punisher is a vigilante who uses murder, extortion, torture, kidnapping, and threats of violence in his war on crime. He’s also apparently what some police officers look up to. The Catlettsburg Police Department in Eastern Kentucky added the Punisher skull logo to eight police cars with the words “Blue Lives Matter.”

The design was spearheaded by Police Chief Cameron Logan who worked with a vinyl decal shop on Louisiana to print the decals (was there no decal shops in Kentucky!?). A similar decal is being sold by David Klotz Enterprises out of New Jersey. There it’s listed as the “Thin Blue Line Punisher Skull Window Decal.”

The design was approved by the city council and Mayor Randall Peterman. One member objected, but he was elected after the approval. His criticism is over the cost, not the message. The idea was to “give back to the police officers.” Which begs the question what is this “giving back?”

The Punisher is a vigilante who breaks the law by killing criminals, making himself judge, jury, and executioner. A veteran, he’s exactly what the police are being accused of, abusing the rights of individuals. The police chief sees it as a “warrior logo.” Which makes one wonder if he endorses what that skull logo represents.

This is the latest example of the mainstreaming of the Punisher who debuted in 1974 and has starred in numerous films and appeared in the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil with his own solo television series soon debuting.

The character is the antithesis of the law and order police are supposed to represent. He has in fact murdered police officers in his “one man war.” Not to mention the irony of appropriating intellectual property without permission. You know, theft.

This isn’t the first time controversy over police using the logo has arisen. A Georgia SWAT team used the logo in a video showing off their militarization. The military has often used the symbol in units. If the Punisher is someone that police look up to, it’s no wonder so many citizens are being murdered by police.

(via Lexington Herald Leader)

Philadelphia Police Remind Us Spoiling Star Wars is Not a Crime

It’s not just politicians and political organizations getting in on the Star Wars fun. The Philadelphia Police Department posted on Facebook that spoiling Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not a crime, though Sith behavior is.

What’s even better is the responses back from the police department to the smart-ass comments that followed.

Of course, such humor doesn’t absolve the police from acting like the Empire/First Order themselves. Here’s some examples.

Now, to find out the police force’s stance on the Black Hood!

Artist Eric Orchard Hospitalized After Police Incident

Artist Eric Orchard was hospitalized on Monday after an altercation with three police officers. The artist was “slammed” into a wall, and was held at gunpoint. The encounter left him with facial injuries. Which wish him the best and condemn the police overreaction.

He finished up saying he was ok, and missed his family.

Orchard is known for the all-ages graphic novel Maddy Kettle from Top Shelf, as well as the ongoing webcomic Fox and Duck. He is currently working on a new all-ages story called Bera the One-Headed Troll, which is scheduled for release next year through First Second.

You can support him with Patreon.

Doraville, Georgia SWAT Think They’re the Punisher

I was watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and while he was discussing the militarization of police he showed a controversial training video for the Doraville, Georgia SWAT team. Oliver highlighted the video used heavy metal music, and started off with the Punisher logo…. what!?

Well I did some digging, and found out, according to this CBS 46 Atlanta news report, the video was modified adding heavy metal music and the logo by an individual…. which the Doraville police then posted on their Facebook page.

Tip for the police, when looking for comic characters to emulate, the Punisher is not one of them, and linking to videos like this isn’t the best of ideas. There’s that whole vigilante killing thing you’re supposed to be opposed to.

Check out the full video below.

SDCC 2013: White People Fake Arrest for Fun!

Out of all of the things I saw at San Diego Comic-Con, this one stood out the most. Along the Gaslamp District, the San Diego Police Department was attempting some public relations. But, that was by showing off various techniques to subdue individuals, faking arrest and showing off their tasers.

At first I thought nothing about it, but it was pointed out to me to look at the crowd around these demonstrations, it was all rather pale when it came to skin color. It wasn’t just me, when it came to this one, later in the evening when I saw the same cops doing the same things, another passerby also made the same comment to his friend.

The fact that no one with skin color darker than white found this amusing enough to stop says everything.

The Police Will Punish You, Well Like the Punisher

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Punisher SkullNot only are every day joes being inspired by superheroes to take on crime a gang of police officers seem to be inspired by Marvel comics’ The Punisher.  These rouge officers known as “the Punishers” are being investigated and that was before their beating of Frank Jude Jr.

Interestingly enough though after numerous investigations, the results and findings about these officers kept disappearing or no evidence turned up.  According to one officer:

I directed the Professional Performance Division in 2008 to conduct a thorough investigation. PPD interviewed a number of officers, they reviewed the complaint file and could find no evidence that such an organized group ever existed nor is there any record of citizen complaints to any local or federal authority regarding the activities alleged.

This is a group who had some members sporting tattoos of the character, and wore black gloves and black knit caps with the Punisher emblem on them.  Nope, hard to figure out something’s going on I guess.

The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal has more on the story.