More Right Wingers Take Up the Anti-Batman Battle

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Batman and Robin on MuslimsWatch the pile on continue as the right wing rages on with their march against Islam by using Batman as a rallying cry.  We said more would be coming and are still waiting for the “big two” to chime in.

Bosch Fawstin over at NewsRealBlog goes on a rant against the latest Batman storyline that sees an Algerian Muslim immigrant become the Batman franchisee in France.  He’s been on a tear lately claiming DC Comics has become “IslamiComics.”  He even has two earlier parts pointing the finger at Superman and Wonder Woman as part of the conspiracy.

Fawstin rants for a few paragraphs against Islam but really doesn’t make much of a case in his arguments.  Such grand inflammatory statements such as:

At this rate, Superman converting to Islam is inevitable.

There’s not much meat here, just screed and pure hate of Islam.  Instead, Fawstin uses it to pitch and hock his anti-Islam comics book The Infidel which stars an “ex-Muslim superhero who is the jihadist’s worst nightmare.”

The NewsRealBlog is part of David Horowitz’s online network in “defense of of free societies.”  Horowitz’s Freedom Center is set up to fight the “left’s takeover of education.”

We just took a step or two back from the brink. Americans, exercising the common sense that has always been at the heart of our national character, took action in the voting booth on November 2 to repudiate Barack Obama’s efforts over the past two years to radically transform our financial and social institutions. The message they delivered was loud and can be summarized in one unequivocal word : NO! They won us some breathing room while we figure out how to finish the job in 2012.

The Freedom Center is proud to have played a role in this effort to lift the socialist fog that has descended over our national life. For the last year and half, as Obama showed soon after taking office that he had no intention of governing as the moderate he had painted himself during the campaign, we have been warning Americans about what this administration really was and what it wanted to do to our country. To show the true nature of the Radical-in-Chief, we published David Horowitz’s pamphlet, “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: the Alinsky Model.” This critically important work shows how our thet President is fulfilling the blueprint for social revolution produced by Saul Alinsky, godfather of the 1960s New Left, and like Obama a “community organizer” from Chicago. With over 800,000 copies distributed in the last few months, this pamphlet has created a national dialogue on the true intentions of this administration. Just recently we published a sequel, “ Breaking the System: Obama’s Strategy for Change,” which shows how the White House uses “manufactured crisis” (as if those it already caused weren’t bad enough!) as a cover to advance its radical social agenda.

The Freedom Center’s other major initiatives involve our universities– bringing traditional values and intellectual standards back to our universities by taking indoctrination by tenured radicals out of the curriculum and promoting academic freedom for students, especially conservative students, who are a stigmatized minority on campus these days. No other organization over the last decade has so frankly identified the enemy our students must deal with: professors who use their classroom as a pulpit for leftist ideology; an unholy alliance between student radical groups and pro jihad organizations that has declared war on America, Israel and the West. No other organization has done more to bring objectivity and true intellectual diversity back to our universities.

This fall, coinciding with the publication of David Horowitz’s Reforming our Universities, we launched another in our series of campaigns to reform the university. Called “Adopt a Dissenting Book,” it showed students how to resist classrooms that functioned as indoctrination chambers by pressuring their teachers, their school’s administrators and boards of trustees to make sure that there is at least one book that presents an alternative point of view on course reading lists which are now mono-chromatically leftist.

So your contribution to the Freedom Center supports the fight against the Left’s takeover of American education and Barack Obama’s takeover of the American future. But it also supports other important programs as well—FrontPage Magazine, the Center’s unique online journal that traces the war against this country’s enemies, at home and abroad; NewsReal Blog, an exciting, innovative team blog challenging the Left throughout the media; DiscoverTheNetworks, the largest database defining the chief groups and individuals of the Left and their organizational interlocks; JihadWatch, which tracks the attempts of radical Islam to subvert Western culture;, which helps educate students to the threat posed against America and the West by international terrorism and its apologists in higher education.

Why does this matter?  Come back in an hour to find out.

Angry White Dude which is written “In defense of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet… THE WHITE MALE,” has this to say on the subject:

Nightrunner? I thought it was written in the Koran that every Muslim’s name has to be Muhammad…including women. Or is that just the savage terrorists? Or is that redundant? Nightrunner the Muslim sidekick will have strange new powers to bury women to their waists and bash their heads in with large rocks. Batman has been needing that skill for a while ever since Catwoman went out to check the mail without wearing her cat burqa. Well, I guess AWD will have to go another 49 years without reading Batman comic books to protest!

The writer even goes on to say “Kill the Batman.”  Um, am I missing something?  You’re calling Muslims savages and murderers, but you incite that Batman should be killed?  I believe that’s called hypocrisy.  In his Saturday musings, this great thinker also throws in homophobic comments about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and anti-immigrant comments about the DREAM Act.  A real Renaissance man, this one is.

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  • If you’ll remember, the line “kill the Batman” was used by Heath Ledger in the last Batman movie. I can assure you Poindexter, there are two things in this world I don’t care about…and both of them are comic books! It wouldn’t matter a bit to me if Batman dressed in a tutu and lived with his male hairdresser!

    I was just making fun of people who read comic books as adults. Oh, and Islam…the religion of murder. Why not getting out of your mom’s basement and getting some fresh air? Or do you have a big Dungeons and Dragons tourney underway?

    See? Stereotypes cut both ways!


    • I think I touched a nerve. Well you surely live up to your name. Folks only get angry when stereotypes come to close to the truth.

      Now onto the utter lack of fact or reality. All religions kill in their name. They were doing that long before Islam existed. If you condemn one, you have to condemn them all otherwise you’re a hypocrite.