Why Do Conservatives Hate Superman?

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On Saturday I dove in for the second time and commented on the conservative outcry over an Algerian Muslim being recruited for the Batman franchise in France.  But this feigned anger from the right got me thinking about all the other immigrant super heroes defending their adopted country.  It made me ask, why do conservatives hate Superman?

You see, Superman is an immigrant.  On top of that, he’s an illegal immigrant from the planet Krypton.  He’s raised the “American way” by a simple family and defends his adoptive country (and world).  Superman might have been raised Methodist, but really he’s Kryptonian and was born into that religion.  Do conservatives hate Superman?  If not, isn’t that hypocrisy or does it show their bigotry towards Muslims?

On top of Superman what other immigrant characters defend their adopted nation?

  • Superman – see above as to why he’s the poster boy for immigration and defending your adoptive country.
  • Wolverine – James Howlett was born a Canadian.  That didn’t stop the man called Logan and Wolverine to work for the C.I.A. or fight side by side with Captain America.  On numerous times he’s defended and saved the United States, his adopted country.
  • Martian Manhunter – Another illegal alien (an actual alien, the guy is from Mars) who laid low and hid in his adoptive world.  On numerous occasions he’s saved the United States and the world.
  • Dust – Sooraya Qadir was born in Afghanistan and legally immigrated to the United States.  As part of the X-Men, she’s saved the world and United States on so many occasions.  Oh yeah, she’s Muslim.  Just taking up a slot meant for a good read blooded American I guess.
  • Blue Agave – He’s an immigrant from Mexico and lives in the US, no idea his religion.
  • Colossus – He’s Russian, he currently lives in the United States, has for a while.  He was a commie, and foreign, guess he’s not qualified to protect us.
  • Banshee – An Irish mutant was living in Tennessee when he was recruited to be a part of the international team of X-Men.
  • Blade – Did you know Blade was British?  Yeah, I didn’t either, Wesley Snipes didn’t do the accent well at all.  He’s the only thing protecting us from being overrun by Vampires.  Guess he can only do that for the UK according to conservatives.
  • Deadpool – Another Canadian (they look just like us!) was recruited to be part of a joint US/Canadian program.  What no Americans good enough!?
  • Doc Voodoo – He’s from Haiti.  He lives in the United States.  He was the Sorcerer Supreme.  He’s saved the world.  No go back to Haiti!
  • Thor – Recently in the news for a whole other protest, in his newest comic series volume we see the Odinson and the rest of the Asgardians set up Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma.  Not only is he an original Avenger and saved the world and United States numerous times but he’s a god, not exactly an American.  But, more importantly, where’s the outrage for the land grab by a foreign nation?  Would conservatives be so quiet if Doctor Doom did the same?

There’s so many more examples of characters who are immigrants (some are even Muslims!) defending nations of which they were not born.  Where’s the outrage been?

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