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Review – Days Missing: Kestus #2

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Days Missing Kestus 002 CoverI’m a bit perplexed on exactly what my thoughts are about Days Missing: Kestus #2.  After reading the first issue, I really thought I’d need to read more to get a good feel for it.  And after this second issue, I need to read even more.  Phil Hester is a great writer, but there’s just something that hasn’t quite clicked for me here.

Archaia and Roddenberry Productions continue the history-making series DAYS MISSING! Since the dawn of mankind, the enigmatic Steward has guided our destiny in solitude. But during his attempt to prevent raging fires from consuming Egypt’s legendary Library of Alexandria, he discovers he’s not alone. A mysterious figure from the Steward’s past reveals herself, and alters The Steward’s existence in ways he never thought possible.

It’s the burning of Alexandria this time and the Steward must try to save as much as he can.  Other than discovering he’s not alone, I’m a bit perplexed by the series.  It’s like a series of events, and only a panel or two really deal with the big picture story.

It’s a series I like, but can’t quite recommend as it’s not a pick up and read.  There’s a big picture here, but I still can’t quite see it.

Plot: Hester is a hell of a writer and definitely can put together to longer vision.  There’s enough here to bring in new readers and I’m sure even more for those who read the first volume.  I can’t say I quite know exactly what’s going on the entire time, but it’s entertaining enough.  Rating: 7.5

Art: David Marquez’s art is solid.  The story takes place in Alexandria and it’s beautiful to look at with large buildings and what you’d expect.  There’s nothing here that quite blows me away, but it’s definitely nice to look at and does the job in needs to.  Rating: 7.75

Overall: This is a hard comic to judge.  I know it’s hard to judge this one issue, which was entertaining enough, and have a feeling the whole will be greater than each individual parts.  But, I can only judge the first two  issues so far, and this is definitely for the Roddenberry fans out there.  Overall rating: 7.5

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.95     Release: 12/8/2010

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.