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*John Romita Jr. has to be my favorite current comic artist.

*Brian Michael Bendis has to be my favorite current comic writer.

*My only problem with the TV-comic book adaptation of The Walking Dead is that it’s only on one day a week. And it’s over.

*Marvel’s new “Point One” project seems like a pretty good idea to me, but it won’t affect what I’m reading.

*As a long-time Marvel reader it’s strange to me that anything associated with “Secret War…” is now related to Nick Fury and not to the Beyonder.

*What’s the deal with firing all the Walking Dead TV writers? Am I missing something? I’ve loved every episode so far and am only upset that the first season is only six episodes long.

*Good. Shadowland is finally over. Is Chaos War over yet? And is the Thanos Imperative over? More cosmic stuff, please?!?

*Can we please have a Taskmaster ongoing series? Or at least make him a regular in something like Secret Warriors, since he’s working for Nick Fury anyway.

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