Review – Witchblade #139

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Witchblade #139 COVA_stampedIn Artifacts the first issue ended with a shocker when Julie Pezzini was brutally killed.  It was a shocked moment that caused me to gasp.  Witchblade #139 picks up in the aftermath, and her sister Sara’s dealing with the tragedy.

Julie Pezzini has led a rough life, including a stint in prison. But that’s nothing compared to being the sister of an NYPD Detective who also happens to wield a powerful mystic weapon. Even Sara and the Witchblade might not be enough to keep Julie safe in Sara’s world of supernatural threats!

The issue gains from the tie into Top Cow’s excellent event, but Ron Marz also has written it so that anyone can walk in and read an emotionally driven issue.  Written so well, it had me choked up at points.

Sara obviously wants revenge and her close ties to the victim forces her to see a shrink before being allowed on the case.  That’s the basis of this issue, total reflection on her life and what she’s brought upon those around her.

The issue ties into the real world with reflections on 9/11 that give the issue lots of depth and increases it’s impact.

Whether you’ve read an issue of Witchblade or not, this is an issue you can read on it’s own.  It’s fantastic and a definite read and buy.

Plot:  Ron Marz has weaved an emotional tale about the decisions we make and their impact on others.  The issue is raw emotion and at times had me choke up and tear up a bit (want to make something of it!?).  The tie-in to 9/11 grounds this supernatural comic book into the real world and enhances the reader’s tie to it.  The fact it enhances the greater event or can be enjoyed by itself just shows how masterful of a writer Marz is.  Rating: 9.5

Art:  Michael Gaydos are is pretty solid with some interesting use of splash pages and the panels at time are fascinating.  He’s not the regular artist but his fill in doesn’t cause any issues at all.  His style is similar to the regular’s, Stjepan Sejic.  I’m hoping to see more of Gaydos’s work in the future.  Rating: 8

Overall: Marz is at his best when he writes relationships and emotions.  This is a perfect example of that.  The quiet moments draw you in and make you think and the fact I had an emotional reaction show his expertise and ability.  A definite buy for the week.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $2.99     Release: Wednesday 11/10/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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