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JLA/The 99: Where’s the Outrage!?

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JLA/The 99 #1We’ve chronicled the controversy surrounding the comic books series The 99.  You can read our past posts about it here, here, here and here.  The short version of the issue is simple, the right wing hates Muslims.  Well, this week DC comics released a crossover with The 99‘s publisher Teshkeel Comics which saw the super team meet DC’s Justice League of America.

A threat from beyond the stars brings the World’s Greatest Heroes together with the World’s Newest Heroes to stop a globe-spanning invasion of Earth in this 6-issue miniseries! DC Comics’ JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA joins forces with Teshkeel Comics’ THE 99 to create an unstoppable army of super-powered beings the likes of which the world – and comic shops – have never seen before!

We’re not going to go into the review of the comic (it’s bad), but more importantly the significance of it and what a missed opportunity this is.  The right’s issue with The 99 stems around their belief that it’s goal is to brainwash our children and turn them into Muslim terrorists.  Often incorrect statements are made about the characters and of course hyperbolic statements whose only goal is to cause fear are thrown around.

So here’s a rundown of the points we see about this comic book both good and bad:

  • It’s an introduction to The 99 – Most folks have not read this comic series, and I’d imagine most have never heard of it.  So, this is their first introduction to them.  I myself have never read an issue.  So, right away it gives us an introduction to these new characters.
  • The word Muslim is uttered 0 times – For a “Muslim” super hero team, the word Muslim or Islam appears zero times in the entire first issue.  A missed opportunity here.  We do see one female character in a burka, that’s the only hint we’re given.  Maybe The 99 will save the day, and then there’ll be a reveal giving us a moment to reflect on their religious beliefs and our thoughts towards them.  My guess is, that’s not going to happen.
  • Where’s the outrage!? – Isn’t this just an easier way for the Muslims to gain a mass audience and brainwash the comic reading public!?  You’d think the right wing nuts would be all over this calling for boycotts of DC comics.  They went apeshit over one panel in a Captain America comic and that caused Marvel to lose their balls and apologize for free speech.  The comic has only been out for a week, so we’ll see.

But, I’ll give credit to DC.  They knew what they were getting into with this, and they published it anyways.  The problem with highlighting this comic is, it depicts the characters in a totally reasonable light.  There’s nothing controversial about it.  I fully expect some outrage to eventually manifest, and expect us to cover it.

But, unless that outrage manifests, those hating on The 99 comic book series and soon to be cartoon are nothing but hypocrites who pick and choose what they want to rage against to get attention and spread hate and fear.