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Comics Have Campus Up in Arms

Bookmark and Share has a story about an uproar over two “satirical” comics printed in Uconn The Daily Campus, a college newspaper that has caused some controversy.  The first comic says “Forget sugar and spice and everything nice. Try crabs, scabs and everything viral. That’s what girls are really made of,” while the second implied that a girl, who was not ready for sex, could be lured into the bedroom with a shiny diamond ring.  As you can imagine this got the Violence Against Women Prevention Project a bit pissed.

The Daily Campus Editor-in-Chief John Kennedy responded to the criticism in a front-page article.

It’s within the First Amendment rights of the authors of the comics to publish whatever they please. The comics section is part of the opinion section of our newspaper, so it doesn’t represent the newspaper’s feelings as a whole.

This incident has lead the newspaper to update it’s policy about what gets printed and the editors, copy editors and artists at The Daily Campus will attend a workshop about violence against women and how to prevent it.  It is our opinion that free speech is free speech and yes both of these are sexist, but truly standing for liberty also means defending speech we may disagree with.