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Review – Frenemy Of The State #3

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Frenemy of the State #3 CoverIt’s the third issue in and I actually think the series is getting better.  Frenemy of the State #3 which was written by Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis and Rashida Jones and art by Jeff Wamester picks up where the second issue’s cliffhanger left off.  Ariana is surrounded and it’s not looking good.  The issue flashes between the present and her training a nice gimmick that’s pulled off well.  The issue also builds to one hell of an ending.

Celebutante Ariana Von Holmberg is in over her head chasing a lead during her first mission as a secret agent for the CIA. Will her training save her from jihadists out for blood? Will she get caught and sold into white slavery!? Will she score a totally SWEET kafiyah?!

I thought the first two issues were decent, but the third one starts to really pull off the double duty of a celebutante who’s undercover for the CIA.  How does a former bad girl deal with her image and keeping cover?  There’s a lot of potential with that and as seen by this issue’s ending the authors are going to play with that.  And in this particular instance, it’s great.

The series took a bit to get going, but it’s hitting it’s stride.  The issue is a good mix of action and “quieter” moments.  This is the perfect series for a tween girl who wants to get into comics but spandex and big muscles aren’t their thing.  Very entertaining and well worth the read.

Plot: Weir, Defilippis and Jones put together an entertaining tale.  Is it ground breaking?  No.  Is it entertaining?  Yes.  This is the comic you give to tween girls to read who want to get into action comics.  It’s fun and empowering and worth the look.  The characters aren’t completely predictable and there’s some good twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes.  Did anyone see the ending of the third issue coming?  Rating: 8

Art: Wamester’s art is pretty decent.  It’s consistent and good to look at.  It’s not amazing or job dropping but it does the job in helping convey the story.  Rating: 7.5

Overall: The third issue is where it gets it’s groove and is improved over the first two.  The comic is funny and entertaining and perfect for that tween in your life.  Overall rating: 7.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.99    Release Date: 10/13/2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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