NYCC 2010 – DC Nation Panel

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The DC Nation panel at the 2010 New York Comic Con was pretty filled and early on a very enthusiastic fan was invited on stage.  I got the vibe that won’t be happening again for a while as she was very opinionated and outspoken.  Below is the news that stuck out to me.

  • As been reported 32 page comics are dropping from $3.99 to $2.99.
  • When asked when Dick Grayson will be returning as Nightwing Dan Didio responded “Dick Grayson is Batman.”
  • I fan brought up Superm/Batman #75 where Damian was Batman and Conner was Superman and asked if we’d see that again.  The panel wouldn’t comment.  Outlook good.DC Comics
  • There’s a new speedster but they wouldn’t say who yet.
  • The crowd was very mixed on Wonder Woman’s costume.
  • When pressed by the lack of stories concerning or staring gay/lesbian/queer characters – Dan Didio got pretty defensive listing off four upcoming stories and attempted to list off characters.
  • Didio dropped a spoiler during the rapid fire questions (forgot what it was) and was then pulled from the podium and sat down.  It was pretty funny.
  • When asked if we’d see the Wildstorm characters in the DC universe, Jim Lee quickly responded no.  That leads us to believe it’s just the Wildstorm imprint that’s going away, and you’ll see some of the books with the DC logo but not as part of the DC universe.
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