Review – Ryder on the Storm #1

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Ryder on the Storm #1 Mattina CoverIn July we gave praise to the tease we received of Radical Publishing‘s Ryder on the Storm #1.  The three issue comic book written by David Hine with art by Wayne Nichols is the latest series to hop into the noir genre and it’s a welcome addition.

From the team that brought you FVZA, a new adventure brimming with elements of H.P. Lovecraft, mixed into a noir mystery.

Ryder on the Storm follows Ryder, a private eye hired by the beautiful femme fatale Katrina Petruska to investigate the horrifically bizarre suicide of her lover, Michael Hudson. Ryder’s journey to solve the case and finish Hudson’s work leads him to discover a truth more sinister and terrifying than he could ever have imagined – daemons walk among us. Now, he must team up with the last daemon hunter, Charles Monk, to take down the cabal of ancient evil controlling the city while struggling to reconcile the dark side of his own nature.

We get a more fully fleshed story than what we were shown in that tease a few months ago and it was a buy then, and it’s a definite buy now.  The characters top notch and pacing near perfect.  This first issue is fantastic in every way and not only works as a comic, but I’d love to see it on the small screen.

The world is reminicent of so much, but at the same time feels original and one I want to learn more about.  It’s very familiar, but different at the same time.  This is a world of demons and darkness, wrapped up in a detective story.

Definitely something I can get behind and looking forward to more of.

Plot: The plot starts off as another noir comic, but the feel of the characters and strangeness of the mystery makes it stand out.  There’s a supernatural element at play and one that should make this series stand out.  I like the characters, I like the plot, it’s a great read and entertainment.  Rating: 9

Art: The art is also high quality.  It fits the series and is brutal and gory when it needs to be, but isn’t over the top in that.  We’re given hints this isn’t the world we live in, but slightly different through the art.  A great touch.  The color palette is consistent and fits quite well.  You can’t tell me the spread of the murder scene does give you pause to check it out.  Rating: 8.75

Overall: For $1 this was a must buy, and with the full fleshed out first issue, it’s still a buy for it’s more expensive full cover price.  This is quality all around and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.  There’s a lot of noir series out there and this one does just enough to stand out from the pack.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 56 pages    Price: $4.99    Release Date: 10/6/2010

Radical Publishing provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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