CBS Should Look Towards CNN When Covering Conventions


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Yesterday we ran an editorial slamming CBS news correspondent Christina Ruffini over her slanted and rude coverage of Baltimore Comic Con.  Well, color us happy that the Atlanta local NBC affiliate re-ran a very positive piece from CNN by Eve Chen about this past weekend’s Dragon Con.

While Ruffini in her piece for CBS made fun of the individuals having fun and dressing up in Baltimore, Chen instead took the interesting parallels between Dragon Con and that same weekends’ Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game.

The two events ran simultaneously, and while the football game brought in 20,000 attendees, Dragon Con was expected to draw upwards of 70,000.

Chen realizes there’s not much difference between an individual decked out in their school colors and those as their favorite character and also the two hobbies aren’t exclusive.

Where else can you find a place full of sci-fi and fantasy fans next to beer-guzzling football fans, all decked out in their school colors? It’s like everyone’s in costume for the weekend.

The days of the stereotypical geek are over.  Many people who play D&D or immerse themselves in video games also are sports fans, participating in fantasy leagues, attending games and cheering on their favorite teams.

“The truth is, most of Dragon*Con attendees have a college football preference. It’s not the old style stereotype of someone who’s reading comic books and avoiding sports or not caring about sports. It’s someone who’s reading comic books while they’re watching sports. I’ve had a running e-mail chain for weeks with the chairman of DragonCon about ACC versus SEC,” said Dragon*Con spokesman Dan Carroll.

Nice to see at least one media outlet get it, and get it right.

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