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One Theory on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Take

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldMuch is going around about why Scott Pilgrim vs. The World did so poorly this weekend at the box office, coming in fifth place and behind two movies who had been in the theaters already.  The Examiner points the finger at Michael Cera, and claims he’s not a box office draw.  That may be the case, but what we’ve seen lately is that not many people are any more.

I have a different theory on the $10.6 million dollar opening that actually received good reviews from viewers.  Bleeding Cool reported that tracking was down for the movie among female audiences.  With both Eat, Pray, Love and the Expendables tracking better.  But the stats I’d like to see is where the $10.6 million came from?

My theory goes that it’s mostly concentrated in major metropolitan areas, with very little brought in from fly-over Red states.  Lets face it, the audience for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is anime, video game and comic book geeks.  The type of individuals shunned in smaller towns.  On the flip side, the Expendables is the type of movie testosterone driven he-men love throughout the country, especially in smaller towns and suburbs.  It’s an easy pick as to which would do better in a head to head match up.

The Expendables, I’m positive killed in those “red” areas and drew tough guys in metropolitan areas.  Eat, Pray, Love dragged the “date audience.”  That left the core audience too see Pilgrim.

Now, anyone have data to prove if I’m right or wrong?

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