Review – Tumor

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Tumor HC CoverNoir is in as far as genres and to find something unique is a pretty special thing.  Tumor written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and art by Noel Tuazon is the story of Frank Armstrong who finds out he has a brain tumor.

From the Harvey Award-nominated creative team behind ELK’S RUN comes TUMOR, a haunting Los Angeles Noir graphic novel. Frank Armstrong has an inoperable brain tumor that’s killing him. In his final days, with his body, senses and mind failing him, he’s going to do the one thing that he’s never been able to do before—save the girl. After debuting on the Amazon Kindle and holding the #1 spot on the Kindle Graphic Novel Bestseller list for over two months, Archaia is pleased to bring this acclaimed graphic novel to print!

The brilliance of this graphic novel is the blending of what’s going on with Frank’s past.  The tumor has affected his perception of time and as the series progresses the shifting of time and events grows stronger, playing with even how the reader is perceiving the comic.  It ranks up there with the great mind benders as well as the best noir/crime comics.  On top of an amazing story is fantastic art.

Tumor is a must read.  Whether or not you enjoy noir/crime stories, this tale is fantastic and heart breaking.  Make sure to put it on your summer reading list.

Plot: Joshua Hale Fialkov has put together one hell of a tale.  The detective part alone is a great read, add in the very unique addition of the brain tumor, and the story stands out even more.  The shifting of perspective and time also works out as numerous stories blend together.  It’s clear the author has done his research of what happens when someone has a brain tumor, and uses it effectively.  The story is haunting and pulls at your heart at times and ending definitely stands out.  Just a fantastic read.  Rating: 10

Art: Noel Tuazon’s art fits the story perfectly.  It shifts a bit depending on when in time we’re looking at and the character design, detail, everything is just spot on.  This is clearly a great team and a perfect example of a story teller and artist match up.  A prime example of art enhancing the story.  Rating: 10

Overall: I just can’t find fault with this at all.  You’re getting a hell of a story for a very reasonable price.  Tumor should be added to your summer reading list.  This amazing graphic novel is in the running for some end of the year awards, and you should head out and get it to find out why.    Overall rating: 10

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 224 pages    Price: $14.95     Release: 6/9/2010

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.