Facebook Censors Content, Makes Bangladesh Happy

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This is a follow up to an article we ran previously on Everbody Draw Mohammad Day.  Yesterday Bangladesh lifted a ban on Facebook after the company agreed to block content that the government deemed offensive.  Depending on who’s reporting the ban was put in place due to images of prominent Bangladeshi politicians or depictions of Mohammad.

A Facebook group created controversy when it rallied people to draw Mohammad on May 20.  The event was organized in response to the threats artists are receiving for depictions of Mohammed.  The catalyst was the recent threats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their attempt to depict Mohammed in the television show South Park.  The episode was later censored.

Facebook blocked access to the controversial images for users within Bangladesh, but they remain accessible for users in other countries.  One man was arrested in Bangladesh over the political cartoons.

Pakistan still blocks the website.

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