Review – Frenemy of the State #1

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Mix Chuck and Alias and you get Frenemy of the State #1.  The new comic book series by Rashinda Jones (the beauty from Parks and Recreation), Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis is fun and entertaining and a pleasant surprise.

Ariana Von Holmberg is an heiress and the latest recruit to the C.I.A.  She knows her way around a computer and her first mission is to retrieve something from her frenemie’s father.

Rashida Jones, Christine Weir, & Nunzio Defilippis’ new series FRENEMY OF THE STATE #1. Featuring the amazing artwork of Jeff Wamester the new series kicks off this Wednesday 5/12/2010. It’s action/comedy at it’s finest when socialite Ariana Von Holmberg becomes the CIA’s new secret weapon!

The series is perfect for young women looking for a tough and smart female lead who can kick some but and give some sass.  This is La Femme Nakita/Point of No Return without the violence and drugs, so much more appropriate for a younger set.

It’s fun and entertaining and perfect for me to give to my nieces to read when they grow up and become teenagers.  But I think boys and girls alike will enjoy it.  If you’re looking for some different entertainment with a female lead, give this series a try.

Check out the break to find out what we think in greater detail.

Plot: While I can’t say who out of the trio of Rashida Jones , Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis did what, but the voice for the series is strong and entertaining.  We’re thrown right into the action and then veered back to the beginning.  We get a good sense as to who our lead protagonist is and what we should expect from her.  Simple relationships are created and even though they may come off as stereotypical and what you’d expect, they’re still somehow entertaining.  Some times familiar is good.  Rating: 8

Art: Jeff Wamester’s art is pretty interesting.  The style is fairly basic with just enough detail given as needed and it fits the story quite well.  Especially if you consider the teen audience.  There’s an animation feel to it.  It’s different, and nice to look at.  Rating: 7.75

Overall: The series is a surprise for the week and unexpected.  The story is familiar which is nice, and event though it might not break tons of ground, it’s entertaining.  We enjoyed ourselves, and think you might too.  Overall Rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32    Price: $3.99     Release: Wednesday 5/12/2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.