Review – Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock

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Just in time for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow we have a quick review of one of Archaia’s gifts to comic fans their Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock flip book.

Of course you should pick this up it’s FREE!

Mouse Guard

I am not familiar at all with Mouse Guard and what’s come before.  David Petersen does a fantastic job of welcoming the new readers you’d expect that’d come upon this series during FCBD.  The story involves an elite mouse guard (what a shock) which is tasked with protecting the kingdom.  Pretty simple fantasy stuff.  The comic has a great retro feel of all those fantasy books I read as a kid.  There’s a familiarity to it, and that’s a good thing.  A series that made me feel at home and I could envision sharing with a child (I don’t have one, but would feel good about giving this to my nephews or nieces).

The art is beautiful, and I lingered on each page.  This is top notch for a free comic book and definitely intrigued me enough to check out the rest of the series that’s already been published.

Rating: 9.5

Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away….  I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid (I was a huge Doozer fan).

Consisting of two stories you have to know a bit about Fraggle Rock to dive in.  Unlike the other part of the flip book these stories goals aren’t there to introduce you to the series (we’ll have a review of the first issue soon).  Instead they dive you right into the action.  But the stories are great for kids, the clear target, or for adults who enjoy the nostalgia.  Reading the pages I had the voices from the show running through my head and theme playing in the background….

Rating: 7

Over rating: Bottom line is this, both stories are entertaining and it’s free.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t grab this.  Thank you Archaia!

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review (though this one is free for everyone).