Tokyo To Restrict And Ban Sexual Comic Books

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Here’s news we didn’t expect to ever hear.  On Friday, the Tokyo city council is meeting and will vote on a new law that will force manga and anime publishers not to sell works in the city’s provinces depicting sexual situations involving minors while restricting the access of minors to work that depicts “harmful materials” or “noxious publications” – rape and other violence. The law has been supported by radical mayor Shintaro Ishihara.  A rather amazing turn of events in a society that’s stereotype is they are tolerant of such material.

It wasn’t too long ago that here in the United States Christoipher Handley of Iowa pleaded guilty of possession of  “obscene” manga as part of a plea bargain.  He was sentended to six months jail for purchasing a small number of such comics.

Numerous of manga creators have protested this piece of legislation of which the Anime News Network is keeping a list.