Luke Cage Leads the Thunderbolts


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There’s a few teams we’ve been wondering about what to expect post Siege, and on the top of the list is the Thunderbolts.  The team has been made up of villains attempting to be heroes and we can expect more of the same with an all new team lead by Luke Cage.  Written be Jeff Parker and new artist Kev Walker the new team will be made up of the usual motley crew.

Cage will act as the lynch pin for the team which will be made up of villains incarcerated on the Raft.  The only way out of prison is to either serve out your sentence or join the team.  The initial team in addition to Cage will be Juggernaut, Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone, and Man-Thing.  You can expect a rotating cast though.  This could be one of the most interesting mixes ever.

I’m envisioning a Suicide Squad meets Dirty Dozen feel to the series, and we will see in May with issue 144.