Fox Files More Wolverine Suits

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We previously reported that an individual was charged with illegally sharing X-Men Origins: Wolverine online which had been viewed by 4.1 million people before the movie’s release.  According to an article in the New York Times, Fox has decided to file more suits against DVD pirates who subsequently leaked the film online via, and

Fox employees, working under cover, gathered the evidence over the last year.

Although the complaints do not reveal the identity of most of the defendants — these people did not reveal their names in the transactions so Fox will now use subpoenas to obtain the information — it lists the sellers as living in many states. Five people were named: Kenneth Slater of Paxton, Ill.; Valerie Rosales of Stockton, Calif.; Ozy Smith of Oakland, Calif.; John Hegedus of Garfield, N.J.; and David Chung of Chicago.

“This kind of conduct not only violates the law, it’s just plain wrong,” Fox said in a statement on Thursday. “We filed these lawsuits today to protect our creative professionals and the intellectual property they spend years developing.”

The movie opened at number one even with the leak and the film managed to nearly triple in total gross revenue that it cost to make.  Really, in the end we should be suing Fox over releasing such a crappy movie.