Helping Haiti

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via the Dark Horse website:

A Special Letter About Helping Haiti 01/27/10

We were filling customer files at 8th Street Books & Comics, and we were listening to the news about the unfolding tragedy in Haiti. The urge to pitch in and help out had come to grip Saskatoon, as it had gripped most of Canada. It urged at us too.

That same week we had received two Dark Horse One-Shot Wonders lithographs (signed by Travis Charest, Joss Whedon and Mike Mignola) for bringing in a specific number of the Dark Horse one-shot comics over the last few months. We had also been given a signed Mass Effect poster. Coming up with a purpose for these items was easy.

We created a raffle — a lithograph a week — and for a dollar our customers could attempt to win one. The store would match that dollar, and the Canadian Federal Government would match our combined donation. Every dollar a customer put forward would effectively become four dollars.

The selling points for our fundraiser are many: fans of Buffy, Hellboy, Dr. Horrible or Mass Effect (to name a few) can’t help but be attracted to the allure of a signed poster; the art is beautiful and draws the attention of other customers, who may or may not be familiar with the relevant Dark Horse comics; the cause is also a really easy one to embrace, with the donation stretching exponentially.

We have had no trouble promoting the event when anyone stops in. The box we made and decorated is now too small for its purpose. Our first week will bring in an estimate of $420 ($160 from our first day, on new comic Wednesday). If the generosity continues, we will prolong the fundraiser and find further treasures to raffle, though it will be tricky to match the greatness which is the Dark Horse lithographs.

Thanks guys,

8th Street Books & Comics

Thank you, Pat Thompson. 8th Street Books & Comics is clearly a great shop, full of good people. We’re sending you a package of more signed lithographs as soon as possible.

If you’re anywhere near the Saskatoon area, we encourage you to visit the store and participate in the raffle.

You can also help by visiting Heroes 4 Haiti: