Review – Resurrection #6

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Resurrection #6Marc Guggenheim’s Resurrection could easily just fall into the convention of a post apocalyptic world.  With his introduction of President Clinton as a regular cast member the focus is no longer a tale of survivors, but instead a story of rebuilding a nation ravaged by an alien invasion.  How does the return of the last President of the United States affect the landscape?  Can he bring all the factions together?

In the back up feature, we’re treated to a tale of one person’s mission to save “important works of art” for future generations.

From Oni Press:

After the dramatic attack on Red Lion, the survivors of the alien occupation have found a surprising player in the battle to restore civilization. But will conflict within their ranks rip them apart? Plus: What is Sara Lisco’s secret?

Plot: Marc Guggenheim has crafted an original tale in what could easily have been the usual “post destruction of the world” story.  With the introduction of President Clinton as a main character, the focus is no longer another Mad Max, instead we’re given political intrigue as our rag tag team attempts to reestablish leadership in a destroyed nation.  But, behind it all is a sense of foreboding that maybe not all’s right with oru protagonists. Rating: 8.75

Art: Justin Greenwood’s art is a drag on the series  While 99% of it is good, the occasional panel doesn’t look like the character it’s supposed to be.  For the most part Greenwood’s art is a pleasure to look at and doesn’t distract from Guggenheim’s story.  President Clinton is recognizable though not “picture perfect.”  The artwork for the series has been at least consistent.  Rating: 6.5

Overall: The introduction of President Clinton as a regular cast member is a political nerd’s dream.  The twist of a nation rebuilding after an alien invasion with a focus on the political ramifications is original and entertaining.  The series is worth a read from a writer well known in the comic and television industry.  Overall Rating: 7.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32    Price: $3.99     Release: Wednesday 1/6/2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.