IDW Breaks Ground in PSP Comics

When we did our review of the new PSP comic service we mentioned some of the possibilities of what we might see down the road, including use of the PSP vibration, audio for commentary or readings, and the introduction of motion comics.

Well, it looks we can expect audio to be incorporated first.  We’ve been sitting on this one, first noticing it on Twitter a week or so ago. Wormwood will feature commentary from artist Ben Templesmith.

IDW first leaked the idea (or at least where I noticed it) on Twitter, the popular micro blogging site.  You can see the progression of how they went about it through their official Twitter account.  You can find their tweets, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s impressive is not only is IDW pushing technology with something we’d expect in movie DVD’s, but also opening it up to the public to include questions they’d like answered.  The transparency for and inclusion of their fans is something every comic book publisher should be striving towards.

To catch all the news IDW has on Twitter you can follow them at,