1 In 10 Adult Book Buyers Read Comics

Simba Information, which this year published “Overview of the U.S. Comic Book and Graphic Novel Market,” continued the analysis in its monthly periodical, “Book Publishing Report,” which reveals that one in 10 adult book buyers read comics and 70% of those adults who have read comics in the previous 12 months also bought at least one book.  Nearly overlooked for decades, the burgeoning market for graphic novels and comic books has led retailers to pause and address the industry in new light.  But while the oft-misunderstood niche has made strides, media industry forecast and analysis firm Simba Information’s report, “Overview of the U.S. Comic Book and Graphic Novel Market,” informs publishers and retailers alike that properly utilizing the segment requires finesse.

“Graphic novels are unlike any other segment of publishing, but are often mislabeled as just another category within children’s book, so they miss the chance to really shine,” said Warren Pawlowski, analyst for Simba Information’s Trade Books Groups.

Showing marked increases in their presence on bestseller lists, graphic novels have almost become their own industry at a time when growth in traditional publishing has become practically non-existent.  The basis for numerous films, television shows, and other forms of media, graphic novels have grown in both sales and influence.  “More works of art to bridge the fine line between the literary and visual mediums, graphic novels appeal to the largest audience possible and have untold potential because of it,” said Pawlowski.

“Overview of the U.S. Comic Book and Graphic Novel Market” details the many nuances of this industry, providing publishers and retailers who wish to expand, showcase, or begin to look at graphic novels a definitive source for doing so.  “Attention has been drawn to the high-concept releases of the last year, both in film and literature, but viewers and readers should be reminded that everything explored in them was likely seen in graphic novels and comic books decades ago,” Pawlowski said.  “The niche that graphic novels have been forced into has exploded, and what could never be found elsewhere is being seen there in droves.”

In addition to providing an overview for this segment of publishing, the report provides a detailed analysis of the three major brands bundled within the graphic novels category: graphic novels, manga and comic books.  The report also features a thorough overview of the leading books and publishers, including price analyses as well as profiles for the major players detailing publishing strategies for the past and future and current production figures.  Additional information can be found at www.simbainformation.com.