Indigo and Orange Rings Out Today

As previously announced, DC Comics is releasing rings for each of the Lantern corps. to promote their major event Blackest Night.  Each color was to be released every two weeks starting last week and boost the sales of books that aren’t quite the best sellers.

Well, leave it to DC to decide to ditch their release schedule and mess up what seemed like a good plan.  This week sees the release of:

Booster Gold #26 – Orange Ring – supposed to be released November 18.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 – Indigo Ring – supposed to be released January 13.

These two rings flank the Black Lantern Ring in the photo below (to it’s left and right).

I have to say I’m impressed a book is released almost two months before it should, but also left scratching my head as to why they’d ditch their promotion’s schedule.

Fail DC, Fail.


The Complete Spectrum of Lantern Rings