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S.H.I.E.L.D. DataCore

Marvel Comics has embraced the idea of Alternate Reality Games with their “Embrace Change” campaign for their recent Secret Invasion event.  From websites, print ads, and even television Marvel has looked towards media and especially new media to promote their series and events.  It is with little surprise that a new campaign is stirring with their Dark Reign thread permeating their books over the next year.

After the events of Secret Invasion the villains have take over as Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) has become the National Director of Security for the U.S. and is now overseeing all super human activity and in charge of the Shield replacement, Hammer.

Dark Reign: New Nation, which came out this past week, promoted the new upcoming series sprouting up from this new status quo.  After the teaser story for Secret Warriors a website is given,  The series protagonists have been described as terrorists in various interviews as they are up against the legitimized former villains.

If anyone has the password to crack this site post up here, but I look forward to seeing what Marvel has up their sleave both in story line and extension of it online.