The Presidential Comic that Almost Was

Marvel comics is known for incorporating relevent political climates into their series sotry telling.  The company has proven time and again it is not afraid to make their opinions known on the hot socio-political issues.  From Captain America’s entry into World War II well before Pearl Harbor, to Secret Invasion’s allegory on Islamo-fascism the company wears its politics on its sleave.

Current politicians are politicians in the Marvel universe.  Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain have already appeared in issues of comic books and one will be rubbing elbows with Tony Stark and company come January.

From Comic Book Resources comes word of a pitch by Joe Casey to Marvel regarding a possible ongoing series showing which ever person that wins on November 4th and how they deal with a world filled with super heroes and villains.

According to Casey the series would of launched in November a few weeks after the election showing the Real World/Marvel Universe President in their transition to power.  Come January the series would of focused on the President’s role and interactions with such Marvel Universe issues as S.H.I.E.L.D. jurisdiction and the Super Human Registration Act.  How would President Obama deal with Doctor Doom’s latest plan, or President McCain with the latest invasion by aliens?  We’ll never know.

Sadly the series wasn’t to be.  You can read the full interview here.